2nd Sunshine blogger award and first Lovely blogger award – By “My Pain My Property”

Thank you Dheeraj  Dave nominating me for these awards !

I always loved “Hindi” as a language, read Gulzar, Premchand, etc. But felt I was not good at it, though I did take Sanskrit exams and Devnagari script is common. Dheeeraj’s poems I liked instantly and translated to English , it has been a pleasure knowing such a young poet , so full of creativity ! Please visit his blog “My pain My property”


The questions asked by my youngest friend

1.Which is the Fvrt post of yours at my blog..”Blank date” , the one that caught my eyes in an instant and so as to understand it fully I translated it into English….:-)

2.Your Fvrt food- I am not a foodie , I fast on Ekadashi , Sankashti and Shivratri.. Yoghurt is my favourite food with anything . I am a  vegetarian.

3.Fvrt city- Mysore

4.Name of the bollywood star whom you want to meet once…None. Not interested in those types of stars.

5.3 most Spcl fact of yours..1)I work with survivors of child abuse , it is my dream that no child should suffer abuse by adults. I would like to build shelters for children abused or neglected by their families, in every city of India. 2) I am good at bringing out the best in every person , hence am good company 3) I get extremely angry when I see injustice anywhere and have this nasty habit of wanting an apology from those who wrong another , since I think unless they apologize they will repeat that mistake.

6.Fvrt book – Complete works of Pablo Neruda. I can read his poetry repeatedly .
7.your best body feature – My eyes and my smile
8.your bad habit- I hurt myself when someone hurts me , instead of hurting them back.
9.A wish..it is silent.   It is for him to guess. Though he may not be reading this….:-)

Now for my nine questions

  1. What is your philosophy in life ?
  2. Which is your favorite song ?
  3. Why do you blog ?
  4. What is your best childhood memory ?
  5. What according to you defines a friend ?
  6. What is most attractive aspect of a man / woman ?
  7. Which was the first poem that you wrote ? Two lines from it , if you can remember and what inspired you to write it ?
  8. Is there a happiest moment in your life ? If it is not too private , can you share it ?
  9. Which is your favorite festival ? And how do you like to celebrate it ?

The bloggers I nominate for the award

1.  kratz world

2. kumar rahul blog

3. she is in prison

4. perkmeupnwa’s blog

5. Short poems and other nonsense

6.  unsaid words


8. The Bard

9. Anita Lubesh