She was 17 years old had procured a seat in a Medical College , dreamed of being a doctor,nothing else. She got in to the crowded bus the bag was slinging at her side , the college was situated in a market the most merited entered it , the ambiance had vegetable vendors on the streets , some beggars with leprosy and few huge baskets of beautiful flowers. She was recalling that topic of debate ” India is a country , but not a nation” She had spoken against the topic and won the prize, both her grandfathers were freedom fighters. Suddenly she felt a rough squeeze of her body ,she had forgotten of its existence , she turned to see a man standing beside her , he looked ahead. Her face flushed. The bus creaked to a halt. She got off the bus and walked to her college , she did not cry. She was not going to miss the head and neck anatomy class. She missed her voice,where was the loud speaker ? That was her nick name.