Another day crawls

With out reading

News paper….

Yesterday’s news paper

No one reads today

A pair of eyes

don’t leave me alone….

A row of mountains

Stand in line.

A blue serrated

Weapon in a pretty


My feet are nostalgic

For the accelerator

Of a moving car.

You tap my chin ,

a new dimple appears

Where once

there was pride.

There is a wrestle

Between the sky

And the parting clouds

Earth below is hurt.

Roots are suffocated .

They hide a huge neem tree

who shrinks like a child.

Universal brotherhood

hangs like silence.

Men always sympathize

with another man

against a woman

Electric tattoo

Bled a name

Screams went down

a gut full of feelings

An echo of the

big hand of the clock

slapping the minutes

A small thorn

of the clock

pricks  time

Moved by the hour

Eye lids close

Softly like the

pink skin of the inner ear

Of a baby in deep slumber

of growth .

The pair of eyes

Which never left me  in all  this time

Steam out of the water in the bathroom sink

( Featured image -source unknown )