I was not under the roof
I was not warm nor cozy
I was there under the sky
I was there on the open street
I was drenched
You saw my eyes
This is a different kind of rain
 in your eyes you were surprised
This can even morph in to a
natural disaster
Then you put your warm
arms around me
 I realized it was cold till then
 Only when you wiped my eyes
 I realized water was from my eyes
Sky was my mirror
Clouds had lost their composure
retaining the residual life of my poems
breathing quickly , losing my breath
You whispered in to my ears
 How long ?
 How much longer ?
 Can we lose our purity ?
I want for you the pleasure of
losing  innocence
not the pain of remaining
Love returns your purity…..
( Word prompt -Purity- by fkregieblog)