An old client of padmini wants her daughter for the night and Padmini, ends up killing that man, was enacted in frenzy, padmini cried after the scene hysterically, with Jnanesh consoling her.

Padmini was excited that day, she sat next to M who tried to calm her, Padmini suddenly looked at M seriously and said “Please don’t continue in this field, don’t sell yourself, this art is for those who have lost every shred of themselves,” It was stuffy inside that palace, Padmini removed her pallu, exposing her bosom , hitting on it in a dramatic way said “I told Seema not to do this,she did not listen ,she thought I was jealous of her growth, my own daughter, now she has 2years old son and no husband, does petty roles, drinks like a fish,I chant prayer every day, why I don’t know, at first they want your body they describe your ass and nose, then it is your money, next they want your contacts, muck it is, that is love in this industry” there was such anguish in this outburst.Almost as much anguish as in that forced silence of her grand aunt a child widow.
This was the loud articulation of a similar loneliness. It did not look artistic, it rang true. “My first husband sold me, my second husband wanted to sleep with my daughter, and yes I even got jealous she was young.”Padmini never used glycerine for the crying scenes, those tear glands also listened to the director, when camera was rolling, the glands would act.