You told me I could cross that line

And you would be there even in the winter

You told me I could stay in a guest house

And you would rescue me in a white car

You told me cakes were baked to be eaten

What was the point of having it and not eating ?

You flogged some demons in the toilet

As though they were my demons

You banged the doors against the storm

As if I was in a ship wreck losing that last signal

Your car glared in the parking lot .

A little boy’s Teddy bear kissed me.

When all was dark you smiled at me

As though you were better than a brother

Finally I felt my innocence melt

And that epiphany ….oh….it could have been

a pleasure to lose my innocence…. !

You put a pillow under my head ,calling my fantasy

to stay…….

Then you called me to sit by your side

Because it was all just a play ….

I was not playing ….I left.