Watery edges sometimes overflow
Dry corn in a hot oven
Pops like a noisy flower
in anger

When to speak?
How early is early waters?
Wet bed of little sister
Wet paper boats in friendless waters
Wet pillows of dreamless beds
Contained faith of silent growth
Walls of a stable home
Why oceans don’t sleep?
They wake up with moon rise
Sleep in sunshine
Lunar calendar of reversed cycle
They are discarded pieces
of the blue sky lying low

Now , may be we use the tongue
Wounds are wiped clean
In the saline water for years
They are almost dry

Secrets should be secreted
They should flow
Like music
Like prayers
Like a wet dream of man
Like menstrual blood
A little sticky
A little human stink

It is a demand of the male universe
It is crucial evidence
It is honest
It is open
It is erect
It is public

It is like tearing the hymen
in public
Kindness of the penis
It may resemble rape
But it is disclosure…….