I consciously  did not fill this page about me….until I blogged  72 posts….

I wanted my poems to speak about me …..I prefer to hide  in my writing ….I like reinventing my self , because I die often…….Because I believe  life as transient….It is precarious …

I liked a mystery book , but I wanted a plot that revealed more and more of life …..and not clues of a death….

I  spent a lot of time in an alternate reality created in my mind , I learnt to take a health walk down the lanes of memory….learnt to be choosy holding on to some like parachutes. ..

I some times wrote when I was most misunderstood and liked the paper for being able to clearly ” Show” me that there were words , for lots of experiences that were indescribable…..I have dabbled at all forms of self expression , various forms of art… music, dance , theatre , cinema , therapy ……..searching desperately to find that medium which unites all aspects of me…..

Then I realized I was always writing….I even wrote on the concrete walls sometimes….I would go to great lengths to find a place that was invisible…it took me a long time to be comfortable with truths… and to acknowledge that truth was not vulnerable….it was my strength….so here I am changing the silence ….changing monologues in to dialogues….Thank you for reading.

39 thoughts on “About

  1. Girl, You’ve got me hooked! I’m following. Love your writing and style. That was a very interesting decision to wait to do an about statement and letting Your words do the talking – wise! I loved the descriptions You gave. Makes me want to tell You, “You are Your own Portrait Artist” with your words – different colors, shapes, shades and more! So impressive!!!


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