“What we truly see is what we are ”

There was a hermit staying in a hut outside a village, he spent all day in prayers, teaching disciples and counseling those who sought his wisdom. A prostitute stayed in a mansion built outside the village where she entertained her clients , she stayed opposite the hermit’s hut  claimed that all souls were equal in the eyes of God. When  they both died , hermit’s soul was in the cauldron of hell and prostitute had attained eternal bliss. Hermit asked the God of death , why such an injustice was done ? God smiled and said , recall your thoughts , recall your vision …You were constantly imagining the carnal pleasures that clients of the prostitute enjoyed , while she listened to your teaching and ardently prayed for me, even asked for death as a blessing. Hence she is with me and you are in hell……..

Moral – Intentions are more important than actions.


9 thoughts on “HEAVEN OR HELL

  1. Nice Tale! There is a little bit similar story that comes in Shrimadbhagvatam (an Indian Scripture) about a prostitute with name Pingala. What happens that when the prostitute starts getting old, she receives very less visitors. One day, she waits all the day on her gate but no one comes, then she realizes the futility of this life and whole wealth. She posseses a big mansion, luxorious life, everything from her work but she was alone. Then a spiritual awakening dawns upon her and she waits for the God to come on her mansion. Everyday she waits, that God would come for her and in the process she breaks all the shakles of material entanglements, absorbing her mind totally in just God.
    Finally God comes!

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    1. Thank you for the comment. However your story is the complete opposite of mine. No prostitute truly enjoys her clients. It is a man’s delusion. Many clients abuse her , do not pay her as it is illegal even today and these women get no police protection because of the same. Men enjoy the looks of a prostitute , because she is selling her body. She is not narcissistically attached to it, sadly most of them become flesh trade workers or commercial sex workers due to unfaithful lover who exploits their vulnerability.
      Bhagavatham / not this view of the world’s oldest profession seems sexist to me.

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  2. Andre Agassi said he hated playing Tennis ! You may be good at a profession , but may or may not like it. Generally to enjoy sex with out love is difficult for evolved persons. After Nirbhaya and several such instances , I realize for men it may be a sport or spectacle of masculinity but women seldom find such things thrilling. I have read autobiography of a geisha and several such accounts of Umrao Jaan, etc. Never read about a prostitute who enjoyed it, like the way men imagine it to be. A woman may be capable of attracting many , but she is not attracted to all those who are attracted to her. Men are envious of her ability to attract others ! To be average is bliss 🙂
    At least people are not praying for you to become an old lady 🙂


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