This door will not open again to the same knocking hands , the ones which broke everything inside. Numbness is in her brain now. She does not care at all. It takes one word , one hesitation, few names  and she just vanishes , not physically .. she no longer exists. She has judged you. How easily , thoughtlessly you taught her to be frugal with love, with expression and movement. Hurt lips do not smile. Injured feet do not dance. Betrayed heart will not trust. You blinded her again as you were envious of her vision. She has turned deaf to all songs. Shock treatment ? it seems they gave it to her repeatedly. Till she stopped believing even news of death. All he wanted in sporadic moments was a healthy ovum , a young uterus to immortalize his shrinking universe. Always he wanted an opportunity that he could portray as generosity.She was his nemesis , she portrayed her selflessness as selfish , because she wanted to be believed. No one believes the one too good to be true…..They believe selfishness …. Slowly she gave up on the butcher and began to pity his polydactyly. He need not have repeatedly waged a war to prove him self as right…. there was this time when he had to admit he was wrong, he delayed it…she waited for his conscience to wake up… Conning Science , is all that he did. She tried for so long to believe him…….knowing that was all she wanted from love.

6 thoughts on “WANTING TO BE BELIEVED…

  1. Aim of an abuser is to not let you heal . Even if the abuser does not abuse anymore , there are too many new abusers wanting you to be a victim . Because they hate the abuser for reasons other than the fact he abused you.
    Nemesis finds many assistants to carry on his mission.What perpetuates such tyranny, Arendt argues, is manipulation by isolation — something most effectively accomplished by the divisiveness of “us vs. them”. When too many abusers join hands then victim is terrorized not to be creative in words , deeds or expression.
    Thanks for the comment.


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