“To  get irritated , is to lose our way in life – Haruki Murakami in Wild sheep chase”

I won’t be another number

In your case file

OP number  or IP number

Lucky or unlucky number

Your favorite number on FM Radio

Your correct number of shoe size

An old telephone number

sadly out of date with less

number of digits

Don’t add  me to your feathers

in the caps or pillows  or

Minus me from your accounts

That do not tally

Don’t count the number

of hours I made you wait

Make it years or lives

Does it matter ?

Love does not keep accounts

I don’t count

I don’t really count…………….

15 thoughts on “COUNT DOWN

  1. the irony of two souls meeting is that right from the very moment they meet, the numbers start to add up. what matters is that you make the other person count, upwards, always, rather than count down to ‘zero.’ i love the double entendre in “i don’t count/i don’t really count.” on the one hand, it re-emphasizes the previous line “love doesn’t keep accounts,” but then, it becomes an ironic rhetorical question, emphasized by the “really” in the iteration. in the second interpretation, these lines are key, “don’t count the number/of hours i made you wait.” if he/she didn’t matter, he/she wouldn’t have waited. the one thing you cannot add up in love is patience.

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    1. Perhaps , patience is not a choice. When you love one person you have no choice but to wait .
      Love is not accurate , it is not science. Patience does wear out , but love does not. Grit is a quality of most ordinary love….. or so I think.
      Thanks for the comment.

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      1. i agree with you when you say, “love is not accurate …” you’re right when you say patience does wear out, but i have a different take on patience wearing out. for me, patience seems to run out at the point you realize someone is taking your patience for you being a fool. for instance, if someone you love makes six different mistakes, you’re more likely to be patient. but if the person makes the same ‘mistake’ six times, you’re more likely to lose patience.

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  2. 🙂
    I understand. Making a mistake with good intentions can be forgiven. Not even the right action can be forgiven with wrong intentions. By the way only a fool makes six times the same mistake ! Then, yes you are 100% right patience is not weakness , it is strength. A strength of character.

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  3. i agree with you about patience being a strength. but, you have to agree, in a world where we want instant justification, impatience has become a virtue. so, in any modern relationship, waiting has become the hardest part. the hope is that you don’t learn the hard way, that when, as a man, you find someone with potential you must have the patience to wait for her.

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    1. Difficult predicament , yes. I found out that in Ibex blue sheep , male waits the entire year for the female to co operate for just two days ! Amazing patience ! 😉 All he does is wait for her , while she is busy gathering food for the herd ….. 🙂

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  4. Behad khubsoorat post mam…aur ab to aapke cmments bhi poetic ho gaye….behtareeen..
    Meri walll bhi aapka intzaar kar rahi he….wakt nikaal ke unhe bhi jaroor padhe….aaapka translation dekhe huae to muddat ho gayee…🙏🙏

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