If you peel the beetroot bulb , does it blush or is it just the way it was always ? Ah …men and their fantasy , I smile. Even if you condescend to be just a weapon in a revenge plot , Do you really think I can reduce you to that size or stomach deception for my selfish reasons? I find a lamp in the storm , too sober for arson. Some parts of my terrain have been quiet forever , no one knew to find my depths or touch the tips of curves , they are soft in their solitude.Like the sky who knows where she kept her fluorescent pen on a cloudy night. There is company in the tear drops on one more pair of young cheeks I was wiping last evening in a dim lit psychiatry ward.

3 thoughts on “QUIET CURVES

  1. interesting piece for several reasons. first, the ‘deceptive’ inference that only men will fantasize about the “beetroot bulb.” second, building on this, is the “lamp in a storm, too sober for arson” – this imagery of guidance/hope/impossible being possible, is a brilliant example of the power of imagination. this incongruity (a lamp in a storm) sits between two brilliant use of stream of consciousness that implies the feistiness of a “storm” of sorts and the serenity of an uncharted terrain waiting to be explored. how you interpret this is entirely up to the ranges of your imagination – it could be sexual or, borrowing from Maya Angelou’s “phenomenal woman’, cerebral and mysterious. your guides being, “depths,” “tips” and “soft.” the imagery that follows this is also suggestive of groping in the dark … third, this imagery sets up either a compassionate or an ominous end to the piece. two interpretations can apply here: first, sympathy/empathy in sorrow, “there is company in the tear drops.” second, if you put together the innuendos and motifs of stormy sexuality that run in one lane throughout this piece, this end could well imply pedophilia of same sex (hence my inference up top that it is not only men that fantasize about the “beetroot bulb”) – “pair of young cheeks.” this is a brilliant piece that actualizes the power of imagination. this is just my impression, and of course it may be wrong – it may not be anything near what you had in mind when you wrote this. but my impression is only from the perspective of the brilliance of a piece that offers myriad interpretations.

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  2. Thank you for your comments.
    There is an amused coquettish taunt to ” Male fantasy” , not about pedophilia / homosexual abuse.
    Beetroot bulb is just shy or uninitiated reticence to bold advance.
    Often the wish to assume power through sexuality violates a victim and doctor is wiping tears and perhaps loneliness of the healer is less lonely when she empathizes with damage caused by intrusive male sexuality. Hence there is a healthy longing of the silent terrain that is always stronger in love than in revenge or hatred juxtaposed with violation of boundaries of another whose tears trickle and silence the terrain more. Your insights are brilliant and interpretations are awe inspiring.


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