Dried Tears

Now it does not sting  my eyes 

Too many years since I left home 

I do notice the flowers in the spring 

I know soon these trees will lose them again 

Nothing alive stays the same 



17 thoughts on “Dried Tears

  1. “nothing alive stays the same,” quite true. i like the subliminal inference of hope in this piece. life is transient – after tears of pain come tears of joy. if you haven’t really been sad, you wouldn’t know how exhilarating been happy is – the same is true of being happy. if you have savored happiness and lost it, the hope to regain it is higher, because you would’ve known how good it feels to be happy.

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  2. but, if we go by your interpretation of “pessimistic flowers,” losing them gives hope that the ones that bloom in spring may not be pessimistic. for me, the theme of this piece is, hope keeps us alive – no matter our situation.

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