Nothing moves in this hour.Except crimes to be reported next day.Your memories like a crisis unfold.I did not ask for them to visit.Un-happened events ,incomplete poems….Words on empty pages, become actions in imagination ,scented breath on the nape of my neck ,AC is lower than 23degrees ,I sneeze waking up to a rude bed.

Why am I not getting used to an absence …..? When presence was always an imagination?


  1. nice post on the power of the mind and imagination. interesting opening three lines, which implies what’s happening doesn’t move, so it cannot be a crime. but it causes the poet persona a cris of contemplation. in most cases, your mind tells you what you want before you meet the kind of person you want. and when you do, the most real affirmation of a connection between you two is the phrase “you captured my imagination. you were everything i imagined in a friend/lover.” you see, it’s very easy to have a physical presence that is not real. it’s also very easy to have a physicality with someone that is not real. for me, the human mind and imaginations it generates are the most real aspects of any human connection. therefore, what captures our imagination never leaves our minds – even in the absence of that thing/person. it lurks in the dark recesses of our minds, and comes to fore with the slightest reminder of the enrapturer’s absence or presence. the subtle message in this poem is, you cannot get used to an absence when the imagination is not absent. the imagination in this case was never absent – it was always there in “un-happened events,” “incomplete poems,” and “words on empty pages”. the mention of “crisis” suggests that the imagination has a favored place in the poet persona’s mind, because what isn’t liked cannot cause you a crisis of contemplation.

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