I thought it was the child marriage that had to be eradicated

I thought the right to education of a girl child was at stake.

I thought it was the domestic violence that was a menace.

She was never really safe at home, but she did dream of a larger

World out there where she would be empowered …..

The man at the helm of affairs hated her …

That silent conspiracy among men when they hate a woman climbing a ladder

By her own efforts not because of a profitable chance association………

This time, the cost was her life for taking a salary and nothing else…………

(The true incident of a young girl Rasila Raju  , a soft ware employee of Infosys in Puna  murdered at the premises of her work place by a security  guard. Victim had reported sexual harassment at workplace to her family)



I may not have left red blotchy

letters on the bathroom floors

I may not have left pink

Lipstick kisses on papers or cards

I simply never felt that at any age

I was fighting unwanted attention

all my life

Broken glass pieces on my fence

and I was accused of seeking attention

When I was giving it

The only aspect of my cognition

that saved your life

Saviors die several times

for taking the responsibility

of someone else’s survival

unable to armor another with a purpose to live


I could read you like a book

I could complete you like a poem

I could paint you like a hero

I could touch you like a child

I could hurt you like a memory

I closed my eyes across the hall

I could feel the ocean , swirling waves of water

I could not swim to the shore

When I opened my eyes

You were running away

You saw that I was dangerous for the first time…..

Because you were in the same  ocean

but were oceans apart…..


If you loved me

If you could convince me

every touch was mutual


If you could touch me

everywhere and anywhere

that defined me

If you could show me that

every natural curve was indeed

natural , show me why she was

silent and never spoke in touches ….

And then wrote a poem in words

It would be the biggest violation

of my body suffered by my mind…..

To be just a focus of your sensations

reduced to words

To summon & sustain your erection each time you

read the poem and so do all others…..Gosh….No ….

Intimacy resists this violation……….my love….



Flickering  light in that room

fear spread like an oily  liquid

that sticks

I stubbed out the light from my bare hands

So that I wont be seen nor see

Hands did not burn till I heard your voice like a caress

Ocean did rise like a natural disaster……


She never thought it to be a power to attract a man nor a weakness to be attracted. Men chased the one who ran. And sometimes one man pretended to be many. At other times too many pretended to be the one. They tried the same strategy, blaming her for the run as if she had suggested a chase.  Being louder than words, no one spoke to her they merely guessed her. In their guesses they revealed themselves.