That grape I never got , yet knew was sweet & never sour

The flower that bloomed in my heart spreading fragrance

A song I heard in a dream , but haunted me while awake

A memory that I try so hard to forget but remains

forever  in consciousness

Those moments I want to hold on to , but they speed away

However much I fill , it empties reflecting my hollow self

It is that small earthen lamp burning silently in front of God…..

By K.H.Srinivasa 

Translation by me , he is my father and this is from his collection ‘Zero outside and Zero inside ‘ He suffered a massive heart attack on 24th February 2017( 3 days ago) being a doctor I was able to see to it  that he was helped with in one hour of the attack , a stent was put in the anterior descending branch of left coronary artery by an excellent cardiologist.  Dad loves life and I have inherited it , it was Mahashivratri. A day of worship to Lord Shiva who conquers death …. I am happy my father is alive and with me….

10 thoughts on “YOU

      1. Nope,this is not disorder mam…thats your divine luck…that u got this kind of family…
        my posts are missing Smone opinions…a woman named as vejaynti…plzz tell her..😊😊🙏🙏


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