I thought it was the child marriage that had to be eradicated

I thought the right to education of a girl child was at stake.

I thought it was the domestic violence that was a menace.

She was never really safe at home, but she did dream of a larger

World out there where she would be empowered …..

The man at the helm of affairs hated her …

That silent conspiracy among men when they hate a woman climbing a ladder

By her own efforts not because of a profitable chance association………

This time, the cost was her life for taking a salary and nothing else…………

(The true incident of a young girl Rasila Raju  , a soft ware employee of Infosys in Puna  murdered at the premises of her work place by a security  guard. Victim had reported sexual harassment at workplace to her family)


9 thoughts on “WORKING DREAM

  1. shards of glass
    fall upon the grass
    as you shattered
    that ceiling
    and the male feeling
    was we no longer
    can pat ya ass nor fondle ya bosom
    is our equal
    at least on paper
    and in theory

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      1. I have read about it..
        I really don’t know what to do, how to mitigate if not stop at once.. I feel ashamed of being a part of this men folk… writing this lines while tears flowing down my cheeks !! It’s a blend of both anger and frustration !!

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