If you loved me

If you could convince me

every touch was mutual


If you could touch me

everywhere and anywhere

that defined me

If you could show me that

every natural curve was indeed

natural , show me why she was

silent and never spoke in touches ….

And then wrote a poem in words

It would be the biggest violation

of my body suffered by my mind…..

To be just a focus of your sensations

reduced to words

To summon & sustain your erection each time you

read the poem and so do all others…..Gosh….No ….

Intimacy resists this violation……….my love….



    1. This poem was a reaction to erotic poetry of a man , to him woman was a faceless nameless sexual energy. Somehow it dehumanized intercourse.

      Hence I tried humanizing it….
      Thank you for humanizing the sensitive man .

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      1. Your welcome sis😎✊ if you can though can you give me some friendly advice please… If say you like a woman right…. How do you let her know with out being a typical make and saying typical things to let her know she’s caught your good attention? Could you kinda help a brotha! Please sis….


  1. Say it as it comes , if it is lyrics let it be , if it is some machismo stuff let it be, natural and authentic . If she is amazing , she already knows by that devastated look in your eyes…. but is waiting for you to say it πŸ™‚ All the best.

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