I am in the middle of this sentence
The pause takes your shape
Should I be grateful to you?
For misunderstanding me
In a way that made me look
for my self ?Guilty girl in the dungeon
She was sexy She hated the fleshy outgrowths
On her body that converted friends Brothers in to pure men
His stickiness between ,Her shapely thighs
Too much human smell ,Stifled in a struggle
Was that love or hate?Was that duty or choice?
It felt like someone with insatiable hunger ate her up
If I have to teach one lesson ,It would be never love ever again

21 thoughts on “PAUSE

    1. Duty or choice is a conflict many face at the altar of love in many countries, since the wants and needs of the woman are not respected. And it is almost the norm. Men who do think they respect her choices are so overwhelmed by their own magnanimity , they want gratitude !


  1. I know what you mean. I watched men push booze on my mother and grope her from when I was supposed to be too young to see. I have always been here and am ancient. Then at 18 I was raped by a junkie psych nurse as an involuntary patient in a mental health facility. I rarely have ever had sexual relationships since. I have some beautiful and fantastic girlfriends who have been beyond angelic in my healing. I am a warrior. Sex is not everything or maybe we need redefine our relationship and how we impregnate the universe. Karma is everything. Women tell me I am 28. I look that old apparently. I can still play a game of footy with blokes half my age. I stopped drinking 17 years ago or more and I meditate twice a day. I have stopped dirty cops and vicious bouncers. Like grandfather Coyote… i love a laugh. I care deeply for good people and their rights. Some pretty putrid attempts at warriors lately. They took everything from me πŸ˜…

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    1. Thank you for being so forthright.
      Marital rape is not acknowledged as rape in India.
      Men can get crazily possessive of a beautiful wife and curb her at every stage and finally bed is also arena … should never be…. and having by standers who caused it deliberately so as to get their hands on the woman…. is definitely bad karma.

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  2. β€œShe hated the fleshy outgrowths
    On her body that converted friends
    Brothers in to pure men…”

    This is beautiful!
    I think I can see the girl; she looks helpless, she looks aghast! Love this piece! πŸ™‚

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  3. Really beautifully penned…… Its deep… Intense…. And has anger…. Loved how you expressed it…… Really and in india this think is worst…. We can’t even get up against it….. But now things are changing slowly….. But really loved reading your poetry…… Really great work….. Be happy and keep smiling…. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


      1. Yeah….. We should smile always….in the sad moment also it gives us strength to face the dark…. And pleasure is all mine….. Keep smiling… And stay blessed…. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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