Foul Play

I was blindfolded my hands were tied

I was twirled clock wise anticlock wise

Then one hand touched me Next another

Then one more Tell me who am I ?

One man was using many hands

Twirls left me imbalanced I smelt a child , but he was a grown man

Hands in glove with others The game was played against me

Sometimes suicidal threat Othertimes homicidal threat

Finally they stopped playingThere was no one

Just the stench of foul play

Could it be a father ? Could it be a brother ?

Could it be a friend ?

Hatred has more eyes

Love is blind.

11 thoughts on “Foul Play

      1. I have had the best of fathers , and brought up with love and safety , which is why I knew when some one was pretending to be what they were not. One must know how it feels when it is right to know when it feels wrong , it is indeed wrong. I appreciate your kindness and it feels so sweet when you feel a kindred spirit. Thank you !


  1. A chilly read. ‘Trust’ is one of the most misused words in today’s date. One uses it at his/her own convenience and violates it, too, at his/her own interest. We live in a world where a MALE figure, be it one’s father or a blood-bonded brother, always incites a hue of doubt within us.
    You explained all this so well. Wonderful job!

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