12 thoughts on “The Other

  1. Recently a KAS officer was found talking to a barrister in a car and her husband a realtor shot the lawyer dead. Later she committed suicide. Husband claims that she was unfaithful. I was contemplating on the complexity of ” Infidelity” ” Jealousy” ” Violence” ….
    If a man is constantly doubting the fidelity of a wife, can she truly love him ? Or hate him ? I think lots of love is actually hate on the rebound camouflaging as love..
    When both are dead , even if they are innocent , there is nothing left to defend.

    I never understood the destructive act of removing the petals of a flower asking loves me or loves me not…. thought it made a symbol of destruction of love.

    Thank you for your comment. It provided me the opportunity to explain the context of the poem.

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  2. “Doubt” which can only be solved through conversations, unexpectedly took a life. It shook me knowing the context which I probably deciphered wrong. Thankyou for explaining it.
    If there was doubt it definitely was not love. It destroys the meaning.

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