You threw me out

at mid day from college

For writing a journal of protest

At midnight a man was not letting me sleep

he wanted confessions of sin

was not letting me think

about your systematic devaluation of the day

you desired a sinner


I was moving my chair backwards anyways

Time out on a wooden bench


I  missed  my father

White hair does not always make fathers.

8 thoughts on “THROWN OUT

    1. Thank you so much for re- blogging.
      When a grown woman is hurt , she misses her father … he would understand what other men can not …. as he has known the child.
      Thanks for the appreciation… 🙂


      1. I read through that, quite heart wrecnching. Here the poem is not against the father , it is against strong paternalism that can be quite devastating to a woman in the back drop of patriarchy. And she has a loving father , others with sexual interest show her that father was not like them. She learns to appreciate her father as an adult and realizes her childish anger was indeed childish.
        An ideal father is also a male , but he is a father more than being a male. I am fortunate to have such a father !

        But I understand betrayal can be very hurting to a child.


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