One hand under my arm pit

Another under the other arm pit

Two hands pulling my legs

Several fingers over projections and hollows

of my body , squeezes, scratches, pinches

I suddenly felt completely limp

Screams were drowned in jeer ,

Public display of manhood

Sex was a public sport

My body a play ground

Shame was just a word

Not a complete dictionary

Consisting of all my feminine

body parts.

9 thoughts on “Mobbed

  1. Thank you for the condemning. Shaming the victim , not letting women express any aspect of their self , not even a walk at night on the open street , objectifying them , never letting them to express their subjectivity in any public space , including cyberspace is suffocating. Hence your support is much appreciated.


  2. It is really shameful and a black spot when we say this is human society. What happened in Bengaluru, Delhi in recent days and going on from many years is really disheartening and condemnable. I don’t know how the society grew which is really worrisome.
    Atrocities against women is really painful.
    My strength and support to the womanhood.

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