I asked her “Because you do not know to read, nor write, you want me to write this letter?”

She said “I do not have a mobile number or anything else and my handwriting is so bad. I could be a doctor for that one reason, a teacher said…”

I persisted “How did you let him go, if you loved him and did not know how to contact him?”

“It was too soon. We were catering food to the children, we spoke about some things, and He was very kind and gentle”

“So, you know his name and the label of caterers where he volunteered?”


“What do you want me to write?”


“That is?”

“I do not know you; I want to know you ” I laughed.

“What sort of response do you want?”

She was defiant “He will know”


She looked worried “I don’t know. I did not think that far”

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