Eve was made from Adam’s rib

Saraswathi born in the lotus

from the umbilical cord of Brahma

Woman was a conception of the creator

As per scriptures

And also a co creator

Creation retains the enigma

Never knowing who came first ?

Whose was the first sin or virtue ?

If creation was ever a sin.

6 thoughts on “FIRST VIRTUE

  1. I explicitly differ in who came first debate.
    Scriptures are patriarchal by and large in any religion , woman deemed as secondary. However creation needs both , even in one mind there are representations of anima and animus, Yin and Yang, Prakruti and Purusha.
    I liked your take on win and sin 😉
    Witty and endearing.
    Thank you for your response.


  2. the last five lines, “And also a co creator/Creation retains the enigma/Never knowing who came first?/Whose was the first sin or virtue?/If creation was ever a sin.” raises the same questions about creation the first missionaries who came to africa couldn’t answer. it reminds me of lawino in okot p’biter’s “song of lawino/song of cool,” where lawino asks her husband, ocol, “where did the hunchback/dig the clay for molding things?/on the mouth of which river?/where did he put the clay/to season overnight?…/on which rock/did the hunchback put the clay?” this piece asks the questions, who was God’s parents (never knowing who came first). did God have a wife (whose was the original sin – adam and eve or God and …). was God’s wife human like Mary (if creation was ever a sin). if she was, how was she created without sin – that is, if human, she must have been created through the original sin. if she was, then Jesus is tainted, since he has a human parent created through the original sin – Mary’s parents were st. Joachim and st. Anne, who were themselves infertile until st. Joachim fasted for 40 days and nights, we are not told how Mary was made except that an angel announced her birth. God help me!

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  3. may i respond to the first poster’s comment that “then came sin when the viper came …” think about the fact that Adam and Eve were forbidden from eating from the tree because it would give them the knowledge – God knew it would open their eyes to a sin (he already knew existed). so sin existed before the snake came. ask also, from whom did the snake know what Adam and Eve didn’t. how did the snake know it was a sin to eat from the tree.

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  4. Thank you Dr. Kayode for that erudite comment.
    Indian mythology glorifies creation, does not condemn it as sin.The only comparison I found was Brahma creating saraswathi from the lotus in his umbilical cord , however because Saraswathi was late for a ritual he conducts it with another Goddess Gayathri and is cursed by the gentle Goddess Sraswathi , that he does not receive devotion from mortals. The only temple of Brahma is in Pushkar at Rajasthan , and married men are not allowed to enter the inner sanctum sanctorum as it can curse their marriage. I was always baffled by the concept of original sin. And Adam as the creator of Eve and also the co creation of the universe.
    I heartily agree with your views on Mary and Jesus… Questions give birth to more questions and we get all tangled in trying to find the original sin.
    I like the quote of Pope Innocent of Agassisi ” Children, errors will be forgiven. In our obsession with the original sin we do forget the original Innocence”


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