Every dialogue of us was two separate
monologues of differing tune and rhythm
Every monologue of yours was a sad duet
Voice of your absent love hurting its tunes
Every monologue of mine was a happy duet
Silent voice of your presence breaking its
Non existent rhythm in to a haunting melody….


  1. this line, “voice of your absent love hurting its tunes,” that comes halfway through the poem holds the two sections of the poem together – or should i say, hold the two lovers apart. often, when two lovers sit to talk things over, the discussion (yes, discussion, because that’s what it is, rather than a dialogue) is always not on what has just happened. and as a lover, the worst fight you can have on your hand is one that is not a product of your relationship with your lover. beautiful piece on the need to listen and the importance of dialogue in relationships.

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    1. Thank you !
      In my mother tongue there is a sonnet ” Just because you hurt the sandalwood , it will not stop emitting fragrance” … Hurts make us better human beings or I hope to become better and not bitter..

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  2. and when ms gomez and mr beiber still sings their duet, harmony will always be in solo form and yet a haunting melody of lovers quarrel that everybody knows of and be sung about no matter what generation we are in.

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