GENDER DYSPHORIA ( Etiology :Sibling rivarly )

(Dedicated to my graymatter twin )

One more girl

I cried a lot for being born

You were in that cradle

Far away, yet I could see you

Smiling, glad you are a girl

Whoever wanted a sister?


No squint like the elder sister

No undue pride in being fair

No wish to be the first

No tantrums

No demands

No wish to sing if it means

A competition

Ready to sacrifice anything

For peace…


Adler knew first born hate

To be dethroned

A battery cell could be my doll

Forever winning

Forever smiling

I was scratched on my face

Pushed, my arm was fractured

Whoever wanted a sister?


You put your signature

On the plaster of Paris

Don’t stop winning

I want to lose

Anything for you

Everything for you

Whoever wanted a sister?


Now, my dear gray matter twin

It is too late to go back to


Let us be lovers.


*Alfred Adler (1870–1937), an Austrian psychiatrist, and a contemporary of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, was one of the first theorists to suggest that birth order influences personality.

14 thoughts on “GENDER DYSPHORIA ( Etiology :Sibling rivarly )

  1. this has to be one of the most creative dedication to lover – especially that fourth stanza. a lover who would’ve made a perfect foil for a fiery sister. urging her not to lose her fire. and then the last stanza. perfect as the childhood would’ve been, the present will even be greater because of the understanding and synchronicity between the two. i also love the reference to kant. beautiful piece.

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