There were huge bundles of clothes by donors. She was clad in the same dress even on the eighth day , ย Misha asked her gently ” Do you want me to remove some clothes from the bundle , if you can not do it your self ?” The girl looked at her “I come for food as I have to live , to find the one I love in these ruins…. at least a dead body … Then I will find a job with out certificates , all are in rubbles” .. Misha nodded , it was the first earthquake in decades of this magnitude. Misha moved towards the clothes bundle. The girl protested

” No …I can not use them , they are used clothes of others…. I lost everything….yet …. I feel very humiliated by this generosity…. I prefer nudity . May be few more days I will be brought to my knees till then ….. few more days , spare me my dirty clothes, that is all the home I have on me”

3 thoughts on “FEW MORE DAYS

  1. To preserve human dignity in times of disaster is not an easy task.
    When survival is all that matters , to on lookers .
    The ones who survive need their ” self respect” …food , shelter , clothing is for survival .
    Dignity needs rehabilitation.
    And it is a long term goal , there are no short cuts there.
    Thank you so much for your comment and your deep understanding of victim psyche.


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