You were right beside me

             all of a sudden you were gone
                    I kept searching for you
            till I realized that you were beside
                       me in a dream
              Now I am searching the dream
                 An early morning dream
             That seldom lets you sleep
                            Nor returns
                    ( to flame thrower )

15 thoughts on “LEFT BESIDE ME

  1. Dear Dheeraj , you have to live that funeral pyre , burn the desire to ashes, become that insignificant reed that floats on Ganga to save others who are drowning to appreciate that love is also the salvation and redemption not just pain ….. to appreciate love, you must lose it and then find it with in you , not out side of you……
    Existential therapy / crisis intervention psychotherapy…..:-)

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  2. I used technical jargon…. 🙂 Not exactly therapy in 4 lines. Besides we are friends , so technically it disqualifies me to be your therapist. This blog is for the person that I am , over and above my profession….so there is a person inside the white coat….and she too has a voice. Thank you for listening to me 🙂

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