There are moments, just a fraction of a second when life changes. It takes an androgynous mind to understand violation of a woman; it is a creative mind that understands destruction. That anger of a man towards another man who violated a woman as though he is a woman, fires a frozen network to restart.

Starting exactly where she left off.

It takes the knowledge of million books to tell a child big books do not always offer big knowledge. It takes extra-ordinary number of mirror neurons to protect a healthy ego (Battered by those who underplayed the potential) wanting to re-read all the big books.

It takes a huge need for love to imagine that someone would actually wait for you with out a question ….What if someone did?

Wounded healers do not recognize a mirror…..

They see the wounds

Not the healer…..

11 thoughts on “WOUNDED HEALER

  1. For years i put plasters over my wounds, in the way of drink and drugs and i was to scared to remove them to see what scares where left behind, but after removing them and seeing they had been healed through my faith and talking through my fears with others alike and now the memory of the infliction of these wounds cannot hurt me no more, my life trauma was my jailer and i was in a prison but without bars for most of my life but not today, i pray that all that have suffered trauma in there lives can find the strength one day to look in the mirror and see no scares of pain.

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  2. “… fires a frozen network to restart.” Love this wording. A couple of years ago, while I was going through a terrible trying time i read a book about Mirror neurons and taught my kids (then ages 7 and 8) about them. When they would notice me looking sad they would stand in front of me smilingly until I noticed and they’d often say “mirror neurons!” Those are some of the sweetest moments I’ve had.

    I also really like “wounded healers do not recognize a mirror..” I’ll be reflecting on this.. thank you for sharing.

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