Night falls on my terrace.

My words look from the muddy

Puddles of memory on the

trampled patio

shiver down my spine

Is a pleasant reminder of

Being human after all

The stubborn stoic silence

Air is an invisible web of messages

From you ….

“These arms won’t let your heart break”

I glance at the Monalisa night shirt

Fluttering on the clothes line

With her insomnia

Flattened without my body inside her

Sleeves with no arms

Carrying enigmatic smile

This page is breathing for you……..

16 thoughts on “MONALISA NIGHT SHIRT

  1. i love many things about this poem, but will focus on three. first, the structure. the poem starts with a ‘visit’ that didn’t happen. in my reading, this is a poem about a lover whose past (“muddy/puddles of memory”) has been replaced by a lover who is far away but writes constantly – whose attention has made this lover realize she/he is “human after all” – that her heart (once “trampled patio”) is capable of missing or loving someone (“shiver down my spine”). the shiver pleasantly reminds her of a lover who has promised to be there always to rock her to sleep with sweet songs (“these arms won’t let your heart break”) and caring words. but she/he hasn’t heard from her/him on this day (“night falls on my terrace”). hence, the emboldened line from the song is a subtle reminder that he/she should remember his/her promise. after this reminder, the rest of the poem talks about how much she misses the lover. second, i love how the lover is symbolized by the nightdress – a shirt with a (useless) sleeve – with the face of mona lisa and her enigmatic smile (a smile put there by da Vinci as a reminder of how francesco del Giocondo amused lisa with music). but, could something be wrong – is that why she/he hasn’t written (“stubborn stoic silence”) – lisa’s smile won’t tell her. the nightdress hangs on the line, so she/he is without cover for the absent lover – the nightdress has sleeves but no arms. this is going to be an insomniac night as the page (this lover’s heart) breaths (pines) for the the absent lover. third, i love the last line this poem (“this page is breathing for you”), in this last line, the lover reiterates the offer of her heart (remember the “shiver”) and underlines her/his hopes that the lover will be there as she/he goes to sleep, for she/he believes the lover’s hands won’t let her heart (page/patio/terrace) break (remain blank/pained/unlit). brilliant poem.

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