He asked her to tattoo his name on her arm …

Is it necessary ? Have I not taken your name ?
Until I see it on your body , how do I know
You are only mine ?
After the name bled on her arm , she knew
the meaning of those drops of blood on
the bedsheet of a rapist.
The numbness spread over her like a blanket
in the frost of a night that did not end in a dawn.
“She was asking for this”

15 thoughts on “SHE WAS ASKING FOR THIS

    1. Cough and love can never be suppressed ……
      I think here it is a feeling of double betrayal as the lover is insensitive to a woman’s narrative of past violence , hence secondary trauma due to disclosure. And tattooing is more a statement of power, territorial attitude towards a woman’s body , annexing a territory and not love.
      Such nights do not get a morning …
      Frost is about cold begets cold , warm begets warmth.

      Decay of second skin , could be a metaphor for secondary trauma following disclosure in a victim of ssexual assault .
      However it is a more acute reaction like inflammation than degeneration.
      Regeneration is possible after trauma, however this poem is about acute numbness of PTSD or flash back.
      Thanks for your comments. Will read John burnside poem.


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