“Important encounters are planned by the souls before seeing of the bodies -Paulo Coelho”

If I talk to you in algebra

Just become the alphabets on Right hand side of

The equation.

Understand  it is equality.

If I talk to you in salads

Do not cook me, just slice the onions

There is no body image disturbance

If I talk to you on the tread mill

Wait for me to become breathless

Then ignore it, switch on the table fan

I do not stink even when I sweat

Find out if you care….

Make sure my umpteen papers

Have the perfect paper weight

If I talk to you in water language

Burn with red eyes, when I want a reaction

I usually get it, I want it from you

Not from the entire male universe

When I recite poetry with every touch

Do not smother me, be a moving wet tongue

Poetry is counsel to my self

In loneliest moments

And when I say please don’t touch

Erect a fence, be that hard diamond glimmer and stay far

I am lost like a child refusing to grow up

For hours or days, I am truly delightful

Understand and do not mess with me then

If ever I find a dream behind the bruised pillow

Like this one, do not murder it

Let it be.

I revive my reasons to live

( Dedicated to flame thrower)

4 thoughts on “I TALK TO YOU , WILL YOU LISTEN ?

  1. lucky fellow this flame thrower. he will be a fool to murder any dream found behind the “bruised pillow.” love this reversed metaphor of the pillow as engenderer of dreams. pillows usually inspire deception, receive secrets, comfort the broken-hearted and soak up their tears. love the inferences to mind, intellect (algebra); differences in brain dominance (right hand side) – the flame thrower is most likely left-handed; language (water language); diets (salads); physicality (find out if you care); crush (lost like a child). brilliant poem about falling in love.

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