The harsh traffic on the roads

Continue to batter me returning

to a room of one’s own

Debris of wealth , rubbles of dominance

mark the broken roads…..

JCBs spread their trunks with huge ugly

fingers to dig the earth

Resettling of mud , as it sprinkles dust over my car

Roads of pebbles, rocks , nothing smooth……

I saw a small slipper lost by its pair

lying there , unclaimed ……

Drying jasmine flowers slipped from some plait

on which passed a lorry

I look in the rear view mirror

I think I saw you all

The men with whom I can never reconcile

5 thoughts on “CAN NOT RECONCILE

  1. It is not road rage , road is a metaphor to describe those who dig carelessly , endlessly …. and even though the road is broken and full of pebbles rocks , it is possible to move on to a room of one’s own ( Virginia Wolff) …
    The jasmines that are slipped on the road is a metaphor to describe that what is delicate and beautiful gets trampled before our eyes and all that is beautiful may not really be of much use.
    What do we do ? Turn away……
    In India flowers that fall on the ground are discarded.
    Diggers are used to reconstruct roads and the process involves flinging mud over all the by-standers….. dust covers window panes and the bonnet….
    Very small infants often lose their shoes when carried on two wheeler….like the trampled jasmines , I can not go around asking where is the owner of this shoe ?

    The woman looks in the rear view mirror and she is reflecting on how much they hurt her , how long they hurt her and concludes that reconciliation is no longer possible.

    The road will definitely be reconstructed 🙂
    Nature always bounces back , thankless to abusers, she is stubborn……


  2. Thank you so much, fkregieblog is an extra ordinary critic.
    Felt obliged to unravel the mystery , since he has done it for me very often out of generosity of spirit. ….
    I am happy it explains the imagery to you.
    Much gratitude for stopping by and commenting , reading it all. Generous of you.


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