The ocean got too rough for the mermaid

In the depths all alone she got breathless

Sharks and whales made their marks

None of them had her eyes nor knew to cry

She  only knew saline waters

Finally she heard a soulful  song from the shores

Now she felt the human shores

He was there …

The man who turned tails into legs…

7 thoughts on “TAILS BECOME LEGS

  1. Nope . Please read my post ” Mermaid’s cry ” ..That is part 1 of this.
    My dad told me a story when I was small that there was a one eyed giant who would sing a song on the sea shore in moon light and a mermaid liked his song and would listen…..Once he felt hopeless over life and started weeping , stopped singing…..mermaid came to the shore and kissed him, by the kiss he got back his second eye and she could become fully human and they loved each other in full moon nights. She could become his lover only on full moon nights and ocean would rise in happiness……
    I wondered how lonely it must have been for the mermaid all alone in the ocean…..
    I wondered if she missed legs, being half human she could not be happy with fish.
    Later I felt women who have been abused often learn helplessness and may not enjoy making love , feel numb and perhaps feel like mermaids , a tail that is non assertive ….
    To be able to stand on their own two feet they need a loving man……and song is kindness and understanding….

    So, it was inspired by life , not films.
    Thank you for asking , we need to walk the talk not just talk the talk to feel friendship.


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