I thank Paul for nominating me to this challenge. This is not a quote , perhaps , but it is a relevant concept in some contexts.

I work with  adult survivors of child abuse , suicide attempt , sexual assault , road traffic accidents , cancer , domestic violence , many different types of trauma. I find that most of them have learnt helplessness , they think anything they do is futile or of no consequence at all , hence stop doing anything . And often think themselves to be incompetent , they do not realize that they were not in control of the traumatic event , hence it is called trauma . They were forced into a situation that was not their choice. The loss of control was not voluntary .

Uncontrollable bad events – Perceived loss of self control – generalized helpless behavior

And they ought to normalize and realize that they survived and they can once again lay claim to their own lives and destinies.

Learned helplessness is a giving up syndrome , it is a quitting response , due to  failures and feeling that whatever you do does not matter – Arnold Schwarzenegger 

I nominate


diary of a celibate




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