I thank Paul for nominating me for 3 day quote challenge in a very gentle non intrusive manner , that was truly charming.

Thank you Paul , and I quite like your poems . Please visit his site for some unapologetic gentleman poetry 🙂

Love never dies a natural death .
It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source
It dies of blindness , errors and betrayals
It dies of illness and wounds
It dies of weariness , of witherings, of tarnishings -Anais Nin

I am quite fond of Anais Nin and her writings , we always think love is magic and when it ends it is tragic or often the fault of nature. Love is always fickle we cry , but I think Love has a logic and when it dies , it is because of all the above reasons. If there is no reciprocity , if there is no innate generosity , if  you are too subtle and misunderstood  and your love is never seen as love, if there are frequent betrayals, duplicity the other always thinks of his pleasure and you also think of his pleasure , finally you feel neglected or used , illness that is seen as weakness , wounds that are looked down upon as your faults, constant character assassinations, doubts causes weariness and withering……Finally in order to live you stop loving that person.

Love dies and you live ….poetry is born

I nominate


ickarus 1976

Gbolabo Adetunji




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