Engineer of Silk

( In response to a prompt “silk engineer” by Bob the editor and Shubha Vikas )


There are those who wear silk to appear important

There are others who tear their silks for importance

There are those who sleep with important others  for importance


Neither a Diana who found  those who can be brought against her

to be defamed

Nor a Silk Smitha who  found those  who got her a fame that was more of shame

She  struggled alone with memories of  abuse in her own bed and head

Legs folded within limits…..

Inside blankets unfolded


I smile at your perseverance to engineer  a dirty picture

out of a woman who did not sleep with anyone

Definitely not You !

Foot note : Silk Smitha is a southern Indian actress who won accolades for 
films of soft porn and openly accepted casting couch,finally committed suicide . A movie  " Dirty Picture " made based on her biography.

11 thoughts on “Engineer of Silk

      1. I just thought you have a lot of knowledge about life. Your writing is always so touching. I thought you would know of a few quotes. It’s ok if you don’t want to. 😉

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