7 thoughts on “Can I see your face ?

  1. Yes , thank you for asking.
    Shame makes poetry and hides her face…..
    Shame is always a lie told to you about yourself….. 🙂
    That is healed by poetry
    Understood by another poet…..
    Thank you for love.


  2. i love this piece for two connected reasons: first, here are two people making a connection, appreciating what they have inside, and how the work of one (or both the) reaches out to the other. second, this is a piece about the appreciation of the intellect or thoughts of a writer or the ‘soul’ of a writing – how a writer’s work touches you even when they are written anonymously – an appreciation that is not firstly sexual or based on the physical. put together, liking someone even before you know what they look like because the soul of their work reach out to you. brilliant post and lesson on appreciation.

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  3. Thank you…. truly said.
    Sometimes we can know someone’s face for years without knowing them or becoming known to them. And we can identify a kindred soul without knowing the face…
    Soul is not easily accessible to those who are not looking for it.
    I appreciate your comment as always 🙂

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