1. This is nice it kind of makes you think confidence. How everyone else comfortable with themselves physically but you can feel not so confident in your own skin.

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  2. enjoyed reading this. what an opening “he entered a hall full of naked people.” well, i have already given you a feedback on this poem on another forum, but couldn’t resist commenting when i saw it reblogged just now. i won’t go back to all i said previously, but focus on the act of nakedness as protest – from an African context. in Africa, walking into a “hall full of naked people,” would conjure images of protest. in Africa, and as in most parts of the world, when you’ve offended a people to their wits’ end – they strip because it is believed, seeing a stripped woman outside the context of mutual consent, especially an old woman, is a curse. as i am sure you know, stripping in protest started with the doukhobor movement in 1914, but resurfaced in 1929 during the protest against colonizers and the local chiefs who abetted them in Nigeria. since then, there have been so many (highlighted) instances of this in Africa: dr Wangari Maathai and other women protesting against the incarceration of their sons who had (themselves) protested – 1992; protest against the land-grabbing in Uganda – 2015; dr Stella Nyanki protesting being locked out of her office at Makerere University – 2016; the Rhodes university female students protesting the upsurge of rape on their campus – 2016; women protesting against the ANC in South Africa – 2016. as you will notice, 2016 has been quite a naked year. you will enjoy reading how Sembene Ousmane uses this in his novel, ‘god’s bits of wood.’

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  3. Thank you for such a wonderful connection to a world I do not know so well. Here it was attempted as Robyn says on Emperor’s new clothes ! I always felt , being isolated from a group when they all plan a dress code and you are left out , is a sort of insult. And clothes are a metaphor for ego defenses or defenses from vulnerability ( Morgan got this in her comment ) …. When people make fools of themselves over love and he never could , he stays lonely in all his clothes. Respectability can be lonely…… I am aware of women stripping as a protest , here the focus was on ” Non Stripping” and on a man lonely in his dignity….
    I love your response and the methodical tracing of serial protests ….
    2016 has been a naked year ! 😉
    Cool , we must head to the beaches ….. 🙂


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