They taught me when I was small

stretch your legs as much as the long cot

Beyond that is a sin , a greed , a space that is forbidden

I never imagined I would outgrow the cot

And when I did , I curled my legs apologetically …


There you stand towering over the ceiling

bending your head , as you enter

is this for kids ?



  1. Thank you for the comments and it is great to be understood……
    And the towering man allusion as a contrast sometimes shows we have not really grown in a metaphorical sense, since even the ceiling limit and bending head , shows sometimes we realize we are dwarfed….. by this conditioning….


  2. love this. for me, though the amniotic fluid is the essence of life, the sac around it is the primal epitome of curtailment. when born, the air we breathe is our essence, but the fences around us – class, ethnicity, language, race, religion and gender – are the secondary epitomes of curtailment nurtured early into our (already congenitally ordered) psyche by been told ‘not to stretch our legs beyond the cot.’ i always wonder why cots have spaced slats if we are forbidden to know we can reach outwards from within it. to not explore this wonder is the third level of curtailment – our own self-constructed fence. brilliant brilliant post on the effects of indoctrination and curtailment.

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  3. Thank you for that brilliant comment.
    In all the talk of ” Boundaries” we do forget that real growth is not about making a bonsai.
    The seed had its own plan and though genes determine your physical height , and earth can not change that , minds can out grow the limits….
    Much gratitude. 🙂


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