I saw her in  the  wards , two big sunken eyes , a wasted body of bones , in the hospital wards. An efficient surgeon had dissected parts of her intestine and grafted it to her esophagus , the surgery had gone on for hours….she could not speak easily …she had consumed  sulfuric acid….I was here to understand the suicidal act . But the house surgeon who was taking care said ” This was not suicide , this girl was working very well in a small packing industry that employed 11 workers. She was too poor , raised by a single parent , a mother who is mentally ill. Because she worked too well , the owner increased her wages and began to show her as an ideal to others. They were so infuriated , that on one day when she was very thirsty , they put sulfuric acid in her water bottle , she drank that half bottle , she lived because the bottle was half empty ” ……my throat was dry……it did not make a difference to me . My eyes were moist.


  1. well written story. nice build up to the climax. a sad sad story to imagine. is it my imagination. lots of what i read about this society regards disfigurement of others by toxic chemicals.


    1. Hatred comes in many forms , throwing acid or making another ingest it . Thank you for your remarks. Perhaps it is important not to generalize , I am also a part of this society. So also the surgeon who did an excellent surgery with out professional fee. Not to mention the entire crew of the hospital who waited on her , and nursed like mother ducks……When one door closes another opens….with out hope there is no life.
      Love your insights , it gives me the courage to see the bigger truth beyond hurts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i agree with you about not generalizing. as a person and writer, i abhor essentialism and wouldn’t think such of a people in my thinking and writing. that’s why i wrote ‘lots of what i read,’ not ‘all of what i read.’ i am an avid consumer of indian literature and news, and you must agree, a lot of it deals with what you have written about. i do also feel a connection with those like you and the hospital staff who have to contend with this.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Intellectual giants tower over sweeping bias …..
    I know that , as I read your interpretations.
    I do write to sensitize…. ….and yes , all her coworkers were poor , yet she worked hard and someone worked at deleting her as she was the competition…. Happens all over the world , more palpable when it is visceral..
    Thank you always.


  3. Competition lost its essence when it turned from inspiring us to feeling jealous of each other.
    Loved the story. In few simple words you brought up a grounded feeling of jealous within humans. But this was an extreme example, though not at all an impractical one.
    I wish we understand the true beauty of competition which is the hidden inspiration in it.

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  4. Yes, competition makes us excel , help each other do the best , bring out the best …it can be so healthy if there is no jealousy … I agree totally. This was an extreme , yet extremes show us clearly the milder variants to be equally deplored.
    Thank you for the open inspiration…


  5. बहुत खूब चित्रण किया है,दिल को छूने वाला और मार्मिक!
    वाकई आप बधाई के पात्र हैं!
    यूँही लिखते रहें आबाद रहें खुश रहें!


      1. आबाद रखने वाला तो “वो” मालिक है,इंसान तो बस दुआ ही कर सकते हैं,सो वही की और सुना है सचे दिल की गयी दुआ ज़रूर क़बूल होती है!
        आपने जवाब दिया उसका तह-ए-दिल से शुक्रिया!!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Hum tho aapki sher ko roz padthe hein deewane hai apke vichar ki…..har lafz me kuch bolte rehte he , aap or dheeraj ki karan hamara Hindi acha ho raha he… meberban aap dono ki …


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