I thought it was highway hypnosis, the way he answered every song that I hummed with another in the car drive. He converted a musical monologue in to a dialogue. I was humming songs to forget death, to me that was reverence for life. He was reminding me to live, they were love songs. Why did I start singing lullabies? Did I know he had not slept in years? Or was I missing my mother, who got jealous when father listened to me more keenly than to her? He stopped the car at a motel, drank as his family felt disrepute and innocently small. He looked at all the wrong places and it was enlightening to know he did not judge lust, he understood it. But he judged virtue to be a sham, he did not understand it…..we passed a temple of Lion man. I felt a flash of a struggle. He fought fathers. All his life, the reasonable, the unreasonable fathers in general  ….And all of a sudden I wanted my father like a little girl. I wanted to go home and not to the green room.

3 thoughts on “HIGHWAY HYPNOSIS

  1. I guess , it was a defense to a man who hated fathers. The protagonist picks up his hatred and he did look at her in all the wrong places , much to the disrepute feeling in his family. A long drive in the highway , and singing both can give an access to the unconscious of the other person. The so called “Free Association” technique of Freud. The tussle in the temple of Lion God , indicates he was perhaps abused by his dad.
    Green room / putting on make up is a metaphor for accommodating abuse.
    And there is an arrogant affirmation in the protagonist ” All fathers are not abusive”
    There is no Electra.
    As per behavior theory , all behavior is in a context. Her loyalties surface because of the hatred of the man towards his own father that he generalizes to all authority.
    Thank you for providing me with your insight , kindly view the protagonist as playing a part in his script , though not what he expected.

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  2. And there are mothers , who start viewing a teen aged daughter as a sexual threat , especially when they see the man as a Don Juan…..:-(
    And the protagonist feels her genuine camaraderie is suspect, because of the man making no bones about his attraction to her , though the family tries hard to cover up his errors.

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