At that crucial stage of life

I did not know my script

I told my dialogues impromptu

I was playing at being myself

That role did not belong to the play

Co actors were tutored to say theirs as per script

My costume was intact

My lipstick was perfect , no smudge

Of Kajal , nothing fake.

My act a ridiculous mono act of slumber

without a struggle

Dialogues became monologues because of my

missing voice

For all others it was a play without consequences

For me it was the unlived  life of peaceful sleep

an act of faith  , for all to see……


8 thoughts on “UNLIVED LIFE

      1. i dont know,what s the word for that feeling…it s more than empathy…not sympathy…or just altruistic…..but may be mixture of all these…if u have an empathetic, affectionate feeling towards someone,who is so close to your heart….what ll u call?

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