I felt , no one believed

They couldn’t see  they said

So, I showed

They said, if you show so clearly

You felt nothing

No one appreciates

emotion without expression

How can they see ?

No one appreciates

expression , how can it be

when there is emotion ?

Accused of drama for showing and not showing !

It seems tears belong to eyes and not to sorrows

Laughter belongs to lips and not to joys.

15 thoughts on “EXPRESSION

  1. most people believe a victim of abuse should either be broken or angry. if you are not, they feel you’re simply seeking attention or trying to destroy the social standing of the one, you know has destroy yours private. if your heart only bleeds within, if your soul only cries within, they believe your lack of outward anger and tears means you are putting on a show. tears and anger gives them the chance to put on a show that they care – them who feel nothing.

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    1. Absolutely true ! I remember the quote of Brene Brown who works with those who experience
      “shame”… And says people should earn the right to hold you as you cry …and it is doubly shaming to let someone who does not know what that is in to ravaging you again by confiding…

      Thank you for validating the emotional abuse of being doubted about the authenticity of abuse because you manage to process it faster and realized life must go on….the show must go on….

      Much obliged for affirming the distress of watery eyes , that refuse to admit they are tears.

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