EARTHY LOVE – (dedicated to written therapy )

I have the centre of gravity

Within me , I do rotate around my own axis

My whole body teeming with life

Oceans of depths over my surface

Rocks hard and stable inside me


But I do revolve round the sun

For all three sixty five days of the year

The life in me believed I would never stop

Until a child in me cried for the moon

Of what use could that moon be for this child ?


But I began to long for the Sun and close in

on the distance between us , my orbit

Constricting me , my  gravity holding me back


A wise old woman , not  my favourite child

advised , Sun shines from afar

But burns while he is near  , What about all of us

if you are burnt ?

So I continued in my orbit…


Would the Sun really burn me , who knows ?

What if I drowned him with all my waters if I got near

I want him to shine……

He is always mine

at this distance…



19 thoughts on “EARTHY LOVE – (dedicated to written therapy )

  1. this is a beautifully crafted poem about yearning for the safety of distant love. love the use of the sun and water. they sun and water may be some distance apart, but they will always be intricately linked. they sun may dry up stagnant water, but the hotness of the sun also brings forth water. water may dampen the rays of the sun, but in doing so, it is providing succor and a fertile ground for seeds to grow – and enjoy the rays of the sun.

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  2. You always capture the essence , yearning is seen as dangerous , distance is a compromise , yet preferred for safety . Natural law is manipulated to justify the loneliness of earth…..
    But as you rightly point out they mingle everyday …..:-)
    With out the Sun there would be glaciers and earth would be uninhabitable……..
    Thank you for the beautiful comment.


  3. Wow! I will not attempt intelligent comment as I think the poem is sufficient unto itself. I am poet on my other blog and would be proud if I had penned something of this stature. Thanks, Tony


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