“Heart seldom recovers from the hurt that body suffers”

Some healing is incomplete

Scars stare like tattoos

But the wound is healed

We can remove the bandage

Scar is a reminder

Once upon a time

there was a wound here

We cover that scar

Then it is recovery .

Heart ?

That is a different matter



19 thoughts on “RECOVERY

  1. Still I wonder
    If the heart will heal
    Covering with love
    From different being
    If that was love
    And I got hurt
    How can this being
    Heal that hurt
    Either that was not love
    Or this is not love.
    Love is deep
    Once it occurs

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    1. Interesting poem.
      Can someone else heal the pain caused by one ?
      If love is the culprit , will it not always hurt ?
      Second chances have to be earned.
      And the one with the heart break has to take the call.

      Nice to know of your presence in the blog planet. Will check out your site. Thank you for your comments.


      1. It is not about what we earn…. If love is in heart and thought, love will once again happen……

        The person we whose heart is broken knows deep within only love can again help to heal (maybe a thought)…. So call is always to be made or it will be made.

        My whole thing is at least in the two one of them really loved and the one who feels heart broken is the one who loved truly…… So now can this person (me) be healed by someone coming in my life….. Or is it that because I wanted to be loved again I am trying to fool the other as I am healing or am I fooling myself.

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  2. The heart broken person may have realised that she /he loved an idea or imagination of the other , but the actual person has no semblance to her imagination…..then …..?
    How is it love ?
    It is love for an illusion, who may actually exist in reality elsewhere.


  3. I don’t see it that way…..
    The broken heart of mine loves her still
    Will keep loving her forever I feel
    Love is a feeling it does not end
    Just like breath till we are alive
    Yes because we love I feel
    And want other to be happy
    We are trying to be happy so that we send positive vibes to the one we love
    We never loved imagination
    Nor love was in a dream
    Love is not illusion the world we live in is
    Once the love was true deep and real
    No way it leaves the heart I know
    Love exist in heart why search elsewhere dear…… It is in breath inside how to find it outside then

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  4. Problem of outgrowing hurts in public eye, is that we create a public memory that can not be erased. But if it helps someone , it is worth the effort. 🙂
    Recovery is not an end product , everything need not recover nor recur.
    Thank you for the reminder 🙂


  5. thank you for posting, really an inspiration and reminder that recovery is possible. i face major surgery and will remember these beautiful words, thank you!


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