“ Mam, one man in Gray shirt is giving me the daggers , he must be your date” That man came to them, and Madhu stepped back, she was pulled back by a tall man , a six feet inch something , he danced like a dream.It was fun to dance with a guy who matched her steps, instinctively. Each time she changed the beat, he laughed and did some thing better. She literally ran, dancing between couples, he chased her gracefully. She linked arms with all the girls in an inner circle; he made the guys to break the circle serially. Madhu could not do some steps because of her skirt, he apologised realising that.  In every step when he moved one step forward Madhu moved one step backward, his involvement scared her.

“How many times do you change your mind? I am hoping you will stick to one step from the last twenty minutes hoping to ask, where are you from? Who are you?” She changed the step “I change my mind as many times as the number of minds in this room, there are not many, most are drunk”

“That lady, who danced with you is my friend I have tried to do what you did for the last two years, I could not do it, how did you do that?”

“May be I came in at the right time, after two years that is all, her husband should love the life in her ”

“Now if you excuse me, she is my date” Rake put a possessive arm round her shoulders. It was obvious they did not like each other; he was Rake’s brother’s friend. He owned a thousand cc bike, also a resort, Rake explained grudgingly.He did not mention his name, nor hers, he did not introduce her. Rake just took her behind the wall in the deserted hall and kissed her full on her mouth. Madhu was passive and accepted, a kiss was just a kiss but still a kiss. He liked that passive submission, it probably made him feel like a lord, it made her feel weak, and feminine. Damn she thought, it made her feel awful either as a woman or as a man. How did eunuchs live? Rake smiled, as though he had eaten a bakery.She looked down ashamed. Perhaps she was ashamed of the dance that she enjoyed , losing her self in a group was a new experience, after hating that spotlight on her.


  1. i love this. if you strike off the ‘feet’ from. the sentence, “a six feet inch something,” the answer to the question “How did eunuchs live,” suddenly exposes the subtle theme of this story – an assertive dance, followed by passive kiss breaks down your resolve because you’ve been primed. plus, the dance assumes a meaning along this reading of the story when the author writes, “She looked down ashamed. Perhaps she was ashamed of the dance that she enjoyed.” may be my puritanical mind, but this statement brilliantly belies the adage – if you don’t want to ‘dance’ don’t go to a ball.


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