This is life, don’t dig

Depths will be unknown

Stay afloat that is a rule

You can only delve as long or short

As you hold your breath

These are loose white sheets

You paint a picture everyday

You are the easel, painting and also the painter

The brush dipped in all colors

And also the colors

Do not look at the wonder

Nor the conspiracy behind creation


It is a whorl of relationships

Arranged like arrows

Entry is free, exit is in a trance

No one knows, all speculate


Every minute is a wave

Learn the art of moving

Under the sea on wet sands

Each of your foot prints

Have only a life span of half a minute

Do not fret over their future…..


Note about the author

from his anthology -hora sonne ola sonne [ in Kannada it means outside zero inside zero]

He is masters of Political science , Gold medalist at Law and was ex-minister of power & electricity in Karnataka , ex- minister of information & broadcasting, he was the opposition leader at the upper house of Karnataka legislative Council. He is the poet with three anthologies of poetry and also translation of Jean Paul Sartre’s play ” Kean” Most importantly he is my father 🙂 I am attempting to translate his Kannada poems in to English. When I do touch his feet out of respect & gratitude for creating me, he always says “You created yourself my dear”  I think it is implicit in this poem.





12 thoughts on “THIS IS LIFE

  1. I am not half as awesome as him , I have his poetic heart undoubtedly , I thank him for it. You are amazing for your encouraging words. He wrote this poetry after a crushing defeat in elections. I know it was cathartic to make something out of all that pain, it was truly awe inspiring. He refused to become bitter , continues to love people. I hope to imitate him 🙂
    Thank you as always.

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