Love is a huge stone

That gathers no moss

It has a poem only for you

Carved  words of the chisel


Fractured syllables make a

staccato move as though

they can become your name

Without the plaster of Paris


Written at 3 am , when ghosts

recede to background noise

Birds chirp on their way to

uncomfortable zones.



4 thoughts on “LOVE IS A HUGE STONE

  1. It is a proverb that rolling stone gathers no moss …
    There are times you feel all stones are your loved ones who roll against you , no one has the patience to stand , wait and make you feel safe ….
    After a whole night of tosses and turns
    In the morning you do realize that you must accept all zones are uncomfortable and fly anyways…….
    I hope now this made some sense…. 🙂
    Thank you for reading and lovely comment 🙂
    Love should not be a stone….. alas…. it does that at times.


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